Andre Spight Jr

Born in St. Louis Missouri, Spight grew up with the desire to be a cartoonist. However, due to the amount of pain his disability (Sickle Cell Anemia) causes, his dream seemed to get pushed further and further away. Growing up, he constantly sought out ways to keep his mind at ease. After being told multiple times about the potential his characters could have as a clothing brand, he decided to dive into the stacks of sketchbooks that accumulated over the years and took a chance on what would later become one of the most popular brands to come out of the Midwest. Channeling his passions for music, & Japanese culture all play a vital role in keeping his designs fresh and impressionable.

Currently, all design work, order processing, customer service, & shipping is handled by him. Spight says the learning process, sleepless nights, and frustrating trial and errors keep him focused enough to take his mind off of his illness. The love and support he receives over the years from a loyal fan base, keeps him motivated to give them the best products his brand can offer.  

"Each day is painful, but being able to make a brand that people see themselves in makes it all worth it" -ALIVE Magazine 2013