Want to become a Sōzō-Ryoku Affiliate?

Great! Becoming an affiliate is a great way to increase your SRP, earn discounts, and more by referring your friends and followers to Sōzō-Ryoku. Whenever a referral makes a purchase, you'll receive SRP for every item they purchased. So stack up your points and redeem them for awesome discounts towards any item on the site. If you have an outlet you think will be a perfect asset to the Sōzō-Ryoku Brand then sign up now to start raking the points.

Q: How Can I Qualify As A Sōzō-Ryoku Affiliate?

A: To become a Sōzō Affiliate you need to be able to answer 1 or more of the following questions:

1. Do I want better discounts?

2. Do I have a website or social media account with an active number of followers?
3. Do I want to receive free merchandise in return for product reviews, sharing Sōzō-Ryoku with my friends, or posting on social media sites, blog etc?
4. Do I have an interest in any of the following areas: 

    •Fashion                              •Anime 
    •Music                                 •Video Games 

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: It's completely FREE! No Startups Fees, No Maintenance. EVER!

Q: What Will I Need To Start?

A: Once you've been selected, we will reach out and provide you with (if needed) links and promotional material for you to post, embed, or share on your social & website sites. You will also be provided with a custom discount code to share with your followers. Use this code whenever you make a video, blog post, or stream live to your fans. Whenever your code is used at checkout you'll instantly be notified with the number of SRP received for that transaction.


Note: A Sōzō-Ryoku store account is required in order to start collecting points.

Q: Is There A Limit To How Many Points I Can Earn/Spend Each Month?

A: No! SRP is gained based off the # of items sold whenever are referral makes a purchase using your code. The more your followers purchase, the more points you earn. You can claim rewards as many times as you want, so long as you have the required SRP. The # of times you promote your code each month is solely up to you.

Q: What Rewards Can I Claim? How do I Spend My SRP?

A: Whenever you log in to your account the number of points you've earned will be displayed next to you're info. You can see what rewards are available by clicking the "Spend SRP Tab" located on the right hand side of your screen. Rewards can contain special discounts, free item vouchers & more. Each month has its own special discount to save up for. So be sure to log in each month to see what new.

Q: Can Points Be Subtracted?

A: Yes, and this is IMPORTANT so be sure to read carefully. In the event a referred person returns a purchased item and their lifetime order value decreases below the minimum purchase amount, the referral credit awarded to the referring customer will be rescinded. The same rule applies to all charge-backs and orders for which the cardholder cannot be verified. We understand the reason for the return, charge-back, etc. may have nothing to do with you but once a return has been processed (or funds reclaimed) all proceeds from that transaction must be restored since we won't be paid for that order.

(For more information on Referrals see our Terms of Use located here.)